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Improve your Health and Protect your home by reducing the Effects of Dry Air

In the winter months humidity levels in the air drop, and in turn, so do the humidity levels in your home.  When humidity in a home drops below 30% we begin to feel the effects.  Lower humidity levels in the air make your home feel cooler and can lead to dry skin, dry sinuses, or a dry throat.  Using a humidifier will help increase the level of humidity in your home and make you feel more comfortable.  In addition to the health benefits of higher humidity levels, higher humidity can prevent damage and stress to hardwood floors, ceilings, walls, furniture and art. 

Bypass Humidifier

The most common type of humidifier is a bypass humidifier.  A bypass humidifier utilizes your furnaces blower motor to move air across the water distribution panel.  Water flows down the panel and evaporates into the air stream.  Typically, each HVAC system in your house should have a humidifier; however, bypass humidifiers can handle homes up to 4000 sqft. 

Power Humidifier

Power humidifiers use a built-in fan to distribute the evaporated water into the air stream.  These humidifiers can be used when there isn’t enough room for a bypass humidifier.  Both bypass and power humidifiers are low maintenance and only require that you replace the water panel once a year at the same time Al’s completes your furnace cleaning. 

Smart Thermostat Humidifier Control

Advances in thermostat technology have made it easier than ever to precisely control the humidity level in your house relative to outside air temperature.  With old humidistats, if humidity settings were not constantly manually adjusted, as outside air temperatures fluctuated, you could be left with damaging condensation inside your home.  Now, with Smart Thermostats like the Ecobee, the thermostat will automatically adjust humidity levels in your house with changes in outside air temperature to keep you comfortable and prevent damaging condensation.  

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