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Smart thermostats, such as the Ecobee, provide the ultimate in-home HVAC control and energy savings.  Thermostats like the Ecobee and Nest provide additional energy savings over traditional programmable thermostats in that they utilize algorithms to learn when you are home and how long it takes to cool or heat your home; this information is then used by the thermostat to adjust the temperature setpoint as efficiently as possible.  This can lead to upwards of 20% in savings on annual energy costs.   

Ecobee also allows for precise control of the humidity in your home during the winter months.  The Ecobee thermostat can monitor indoor humidity levels and turn your humidification device on/off when needed.  The Ecobee also has a unique feature in that it monitors outdoor air temperature in real time and adjusts the indoor humidity automatically to prevent condensation on windows and surfaces in your home.

Ecobee’s next-generation software, Eco+ can unlock even more energy savings and enhanced comfort by:

  • Reducing strain on the electric grid by automatically heating or cooling when electricity is cheaper and cleaner
  • Automatically adjusting for comfort in high and low humidity
  • Learning your routine and recommending changes to your schedule

Eco+ consists of 5 unique features

Feels like

Ecobee utilizes real time humidity data from your home to ensure that your house always feels like the temperature that you have set on your thermostat.  With Fees Like, Eco+ uses both humidity and temperature readings to calculate your home’s temperature.  By allowing your stat to manage to a calculated Feels Like temperature Ecobee finds opportunities to lower your energy bill in both the summer and winter.

Schedule Assistant

Schedule assistant monitors your day-to-day routine and when it isn’t matching up with your actual routine, Schedule Assistant recommends a new schedule to avoid wasting energy when your away.

Smart Home & Away

Smart Home & Away works by automatically adjusting the temperature when it detect that you’ve left and restoring settings once it detects that you have returned. 

Time of Use

Time of use can preheat or precool your home during the times of the day when electricity is less expensive.  When energy is costlier during the day the thermostat will reduce heating and cooling, thus saving you money.  

Community Energy Savings

Community energy savings makes slight temperature adjustments when electricity demand in your community peaks.  While the adjustments to your thermostat will be minor the overall community impact can be large. 

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Rebates from ComEd, Nicor and Peoples make purchasing a new high efficiency furnace, air conditioner, boiler or installing a smart t-stat an even smarter decision.  Click here to learn more.

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