Frequently Asked Question

How often should my HVAC system be maintained?

It is recommended that the following components of your HVAC system should be inspected and cleaned annually.

Filters – Filters should be checked at least monthly, and changed, at a minimum, every three months. Typically, the lowest MERV pleated filter, is the best filter option for most homeowners. For sensitive individuals, or allergy sufferers, a high MERV filter can be used; however, these filters have the potential to cause air flow issues so it is often best to consultant an HVAC professional before making the change.

Humidifier – Humidifier pads should be changed annually. Often, one season of use, is enough to leave a significant amount of scale on the pad necessitating it’s change.

Condenser – The condenser should be cleaned with water and a neutral cleaning agent annually. Overtime, without cleaning, cottonwood and other debris will obstruct condenser air flow, leading to a reduction in system capacity.

Furnace – For high-efficiency furnaces, all condensate tubing, and the condensate trap, should be removed and cleaned annually. Additionally, the furnace burners should be inspected and cleaned each year.

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